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Swimming Pool & Spa Styles and Gallery

The Eclipse

The EclipseWith free-flowing curves and the ability to host a variety of fun activities, The Eclipse is sure to suit your aesthetic tastes and fit perfectly into your Leisure lifestyle.

Having been modeled off of the Leisure Pools Allure, The Eclipse maintains those large, open curves and convenient relaxation areas, but simplifies the final look by removing the built-in spa to allow more seating and easier access to the splash deck.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Eclipse:

The Pinnacle

The PinnacleThe embodiment of space has been redefined by the creation of The Pinnacle. Collaboration of expansive planes and modern design speaks volumes to its potential both in landscaping opportunities and hosting a variety of exciting or relaxing activities.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Pinnacle:

The Riviera

The RivieraThe Leisure Pools Riviera design seems to blend perfectly with any home style and any home site. Its beautiful flowing lines and freeform design are a delight to landscape.

Suitability and adaptability are the words that are most often used to describe our Riviera pool. This is a swimming pool design that seems to blend perfectly with any home style and any home site. Its beautiful flowing lines and freeform design are a delight to landscape.

The Riviera�€™s good looks are not its only feature as this pool is truly a great pool for the family. The large wrap around bench at the shallow end is a great feature. Not only is it a play area for the kids but it�€™s just perfect for adult seating as well. The wide steps give access to the bench area and also to the floor of the pool.

The Riviera is one of our most popular pools because it combines landscaping versatility with a functionality that will suit any family.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Riviera:

The Riviera Photo Gallery

  • Riviera1
  • Riviera10
  • Riviera11
  • Riviera12
  • Riviera8
  • Riviera9
  • Riviera2
  • Riviera3
  • Riviera4
  • Riviera5
  • Riviera6
  • Riviera7

The Caribbean

The CaribbeanThe new Caribbean style pool is modeled after the Mediterranean in almost every way, but has been modified to stand at 6�€™ 6�€� at its deepest depth.

The Caribbean�€™s versatility cannot be overstated in its ability to satisfy homeowners�€™ needs. It maintains a large wrap-around bench at the shallow end, offering a great play area for children or ample seating for adults. The wide entry steps allow easy access to the bench area as well as the swimming pool floor.

With the deep-end only reaching 6�€™ 6�€�, the Caribbean provides a more gradual descent as you move into the deep end. Now, you not only plenty space to stand, but also a larger area to play water games, such as volleyball or basketball. Whether it is having fun in the water with your family, or hosting a pool party, this pool is ideal to accommodate any situation.

The Caribbean�€™s flowing, free-form style will complement any setting, and can be easily incorporated into a multitude of landscape styles, conforming to suit your aesthetic tastes.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Caribbean:

The Caribbean Photo Gallery

  • Caribbean1
  • Caribbean2

The Mediterranean

The MediterraneanThe Mediterranean offers not only versatility in a swimming pool but is also deep enough for a residential type 1 diving board.

This pool is new to our range and has been modeled on our stunning success of the Riviera pool. The Mediterranean is a large pool in every way. Not only is this pool longer and wider, it is also, most importantly, much deeper. At 8�€� deep this pool meets the ANSI/NSPI standards for a residential type 1 diving board. There is a massive wrap around bench at the shallow end. The wide steps give access to the bench area and then down to the floor of the pool. The Mediterranean is also a delight to landscape. So what more could you ask for when choosing a swimming pool, a generous size, landscaping versatility, great for the whole family and oh so deep.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Mediterranean:

The Moroccan

The MoroccanLeisure Pools�€™ Moroccan range is the result of years of research and taking many of the best features a pool can have and putting them all into one stunning package. This is a swimming pool with more features than any other pool in today�€™s market.

The Moroccan�€™s benefits are endless, clever design of the entry points and generous seating areas allow for an optimum swimming corridor. The Moroccan has 3 entry/exit points enabling flexibility in locating this pool in relation to your home.

The Moroccan is a spacious pool with room for the whole family and comes in a range of sizes. Whether playing games, swimming laps or just relaxing and cooling off, The Moroccan will suit all your needs.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Moroccan:

The Moroccan Photo Gallery

  • Moroccan1
  • Moroccan11
  • Moroccan12
  • Moroccan13
  • Moroccan14
  • Moroccan15
  • Moroccan2
  • Moroccan3
  • Moroccan4
  • Moroccan5
  • Moroccan6
  • Moroccan7
  • Moroccan8
  • Moroccan9

The Allure

The AllureThe Allure combines beautiful, free-form design with the most practical, sought-out features available today. There�€™s no point in trying to resist this pool�€™s Allure.

The Allure is a stunning complement to our free form designed pools. Created with a built-in spa and large splash deck, it allows plenty of room for relaxation and play. In addition to versatility in features, the Allure also provides an appealing curved design, yielding many landscaping opportunities.



For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Allure:

The Reflection

The ReflectionThis stylish rectangular pool offers not only versatility in terms of placement on your block but it also provides a simplistic structure to suit every home and still have the practicality that you want from a swimming pool.

This swimming pool has entry steps perfectly positioned at both ends of the pool with a full length bench seat to suit a variety of purposes, without compromising space for swimming.

By having the full length bench and steps on one side of the pool the design allows the deepest part of the pool to be well away from any house foundations. This can often allow the pool to be situated closer to the home which is a great benefit where space for a pool is limited.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Reflection:

The Reflection Photo Gallery

  • Reflection1
  • Reflection10
  • Reflection11
  • Reflection8
  • Reflection9
  • Reflection2
  • Reflection3
  • Reflection4
  • Reflection5
  • Reflection6
  • Reflection7

The Ultimate

The UltimateWith its clean, contemporary lines, and incorporation of the most popular built-in features, this pool is the Ultimate backyard paradise that can accommodate any number of activities.

The Ultimate lives up to its name in size and convenience. At 40�€™ in length, it sports plenty of room for recreation and relaxation. The Ultimate not only features a large, open swimming corridor, but also a built in spa, a swim out bench and a large splash deck as well, making it by far one of the most versatile pools we offer.


For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Ultimate:

The Elegance

The EleganceThis bold and innovative design with its ultra modern square corners and clean crisp lines has rapidly become one of the most popular pool designs in the world.

The Elegance is not only a visually stunning pool, but also one that maximises the space inside where you swim. The Elegance has a large unobstructed swimming corridor which is perfect for swimming laps. The central step location also incorporates generous seating area where optional spa jets can be installed to create a relaxing spa nook.

The pool has generous depths at both deep and shallow ends and comes in sizes of 32�€� 10�€�, 29�€� 7�€� and 26�€� 3�€� lengths to suit almost any size location.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Elegance:

The Elegance Photo Gallery

  • Elegance1
  • Elegance8
  • Elegance2
  • Elegance3
  • Elegance4
  • Elegance5
  • Elegance6
  • Elegance7

The Horizon

The HorizonWelcome to the dawn of a new era in fiberglass pool construction. The Horizon features patent pending design and innovation technology including a stunning infinity edge causing water to seemingly disappear into the horizon.

The Horizon, Leisure Pools�€™ latest addition to its range is like no other composite pool being produced in the world today.

The pool features a stunning infinity-edge causing water to seemingly disappear into the horizon whether it is a beautiful panoramic view or your own landscape creation allowing water, earth and nature to combine. This ingeniously created swimming pool includes patent-pending design and innovation technology, encapsulating the transition from in-ground to out-of-ground.

Optional storage compartments can be added to the pool to conveniently house its filtration equipment. The compartments effectively protect your valuable filtration equipment while allowing it to operate more efficiently due to its proximity to the pool. The compartments double as sun lounges so while the kids are swimming you can be relaxing on the comfortable cushioned lounges.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Horizon:

The Icon

The IconWhile this pool offers the same fantastic, built-in features of The Ultimate, The Icon was designed to accommodate a residential type 1 diving board with its deepest depth standing at 8�€™.

The Icon stands as one of the most visually appealing pools on our line. Like the Ultimate, it yields an unobstructed swimming corridor, a built in spa and splash deck. So, what sets this design apart? The accommodation of diving board capabilities and a depth of 8�€™ is certainly an adventurous start

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Icon:

The Tuscany

The TuscanyThe Tuscany design seems to epitomize a casual and relaxed feeling that many enjoy in their home. This pool is a delight to landscape allowing you to create your very own oasis.

The Tuscany�€™s freeform shape can adapt to any theme you may wish to create with your swimming pool area. Fitting perfectly in just about any pool site and particularly adaptable to difficult corner sites where the freeform shapes afford considerable versatility of placement, the Tuscany�€™s free flowing curves allow you to maneuver the pool into places that many other more formal shapes won�€™t fit.

The Tuscany has generous sized steps into the pool at the shallow end and a bench seat swim-out at the deep end. Even though the pool seems quite curved there is a full-length unobstructed swimming corridor down the center of the pool which affords the ability to swim laps.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Tuscany:

The Tuscany Photo Gallery

  • Tuscany1
  • Tuscany2
  • Tuscany3
  • Tuscany4
  • Tuscany5
  • Tuscany6
  • Tuscany7
  • Tuscany8

The Roman

The RomanThe timeless elegance of the classic Roman style swimming pool is as much in vogue today as it was in the days of Ancient Rome. The clever use of the rectangle and two semi-circles unlocks unlimited possibilities for exciting landscaping concepts.

The Leisure Pools Roman features broad entry steps at the shallow end and a seating area at the deep end. The seating area at the deep end can also be fitted with optional spa jets and a pool table.

Leisure Pools has maintained a pool width of 3.50m through all sizes in the Roman range. Primarily this has been done to enable the pool to fit into the many situations where pool width is critical. This has been done without compromising the very balanced look that makes this pool so appealing.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Roman:

The Roman Photo Gallery

  • Roman1
  • Roman2
  • Roman3
  • Roman4
  • Roman5
  • Roman6
  • Roman7
  • Roman8
  • Roman9

The Courtyard Roman

The Courtyard RomanWhether you use the Courtyard Roman as an entertainment area, an exercise center, a relaxation area or a great looking courtyard centerpiece, this versatile pool will meet all your needs.

As its name implies The Courtyard Roman is the ideal centerpiece for a stunning courtyard setting. With the Leisure Pools Courtyard Roman as your starting point just imagine the many interesting courtyard scenes that could be created around it.

Here is a pool that not only looks good but can be packed with features. The pool is ideal for a Swim Jet System with the jets being located between the two sets of steps at the shallow end. At the other end in the curved seating area you can install Spa Jets and even Seat Aeration to create that massaging hydrotherapy effect you get in a spa and a table can be fitted into the curved seating area to complete the picture.

The main body of the pool is great for playing games or simply relaxing and cooling off on hot Summer days.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Courtyard Roman:

The Courtyard Photo Gallery

  • Courtyard-roman1
  • Courtyard-roman7
  • Courtyard-roman2
  • Courtyard-roman3
  • Courtyard-roman4
  • Courtyard-roman5
  • Courtyard-roman6

The Palladium Plunge

The Palladium PlungeNot compromising on quality, the Palladium Plunge makes the ideal centerpiece for those smaller landscaping statements.

In many areas, these days, the available space for a swimming pool is becoming limited. Smaller building blocks and larger homes are squeezing the space for a pool.

The trend towards smaller and smaller swimming pools have led to the development of the plunge pool.

The Palladium Plunge is the ideal pool for the smaller area. It makes a great centerpiece for a courtyard scene. Add a water feature to a Palladium Plunge pool and place it so that it can be readily seen from your home, offering not only a convenient swimming pool but also a stunning visual effect.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Palladium Plunge:

The Palladium Plunge Photo Gallery

  • Paladium1
  • Paladium2

The Sorrento Spa (Square)

The Sorrento Spa (Square)The Sorrento Spa is a modern, contoured spa with strategically placed jet locations and ergonomically correct seating for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Spend just a few moments in Leisure Pools�€™ Sorrento Spa and you�€™re likely to experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

The Leisure Pools Sorrento Spa has strategically-placed jets and ergonomically correct seating to create an ideal place for practicing a variety of calming, comforting and healing routines.

The Sorrento Spa is available in all the colors that are available for the pools enabling you to color match your pool and spa combination.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Sorrento Spa (Square):

The Sorrento Spa (Round)

The Sorrento Spa (round)Leisure Pools have taken an innovative approach to the art of warm water healing with the Sorrento Spa.

For centuries, people have recognized the rejuvenating healing powers of warm water. Today, Leisure Pools takes an innovative approach to the art of warm water healing with the Sorrento Spa. Also available with an optional spill-over lip. The Leisure Pools Sorrento Spa has strategically-placed jets and ergonomically correct seating to create an ideal place for practicing a variety of calming, comforting and healing routines. The Sorrento Spa is available in all the colors that are available for the pools enabling you to color match your pool and spa combination.


For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Sorrento Spa (Round):

The Sorrento Spa (Round) Photo Gallery

  • Sorrento-round1
  • Sorrento-round5
  • Sorrento-round6
  • Sorrento-round7
  • Sorrento-round2
  • Sorrento-round3
  • Sorrento-round4

The Tanning Ledge

The Tanning LedgeThe Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge serves as the ultimate addition to any Leisure Pool. This versatile ledge maintains a shallow, consistent depth, providing an ideal hotspot for basking in the sun or a safe area for young children at play.

Leisure Pools designers created this ledge to have both a curved side and a straight side so that it would complement almost any style pool within the Leisure Pools Range, while also enhancing your experience by providing an additional lounge area with a solid, stable depth.

The Tanning Ledge offers you more ways to customize your backyard, not only with the addition of different water features, but also lets you choose the width and placement of your spillovers. Since the Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge has a natural spillover, you are now able to enjoy the beauty and calming sounds of cascading water without the cost of installing and operating a waterfall feature.

For detailed specifications, please visit Leisure Fiberglass Pools:
The Tanning Ledge:

The Tanning Ledge Photo Gallery

  • Tanning-ledge1
  • Tanning-ledge2


The finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks stunning, it is the result of years of research and development aimed at leading the fiberglass pool industry.

Aquaguard® Gel Coat finishes have been developed and tested by Fiberglass International (FGI) through the 1980's and 1990's in Australia. Over the years of development, the product called for exceptional chemical resistance, mechanical strength and weathering properties, especially the latter for use in exterior applications in Australia where the UV intensity is extremely high. Inground Pools make a wonderful addition to your landscaping. An Inground Pool makes a wonderful addition to your yard.

Aquaguard® technology is simply unique and has been subject to extensive testing programs (both accelerated and real-time) concentrating on a combination of weathering and chemical resistance. The Aquaguard® gel coats:

  • Exhibit outstanding UV and fade resistance
  • Provide unique shimmer and sparkle finish
  • Are formulated as a one coat spray able system with excellent application characteristics (Not only are they easy to apply in the factory, they are easy to repair if damaged.)
  • Are specifically designed for swimming pool applications

As these decorative gel coats exhibit outstanding weathering and chemical resistance properties, they can be used in any "performance" area where UV, water and fade resistance are a consideration.

It is an outstanding pool finish that has endured constant testing and refinement and now boasts a full 15 year warranty against:

  • Osmotic blistering
  • Discoloration
  • Fading*
  • Surface yellowing

Note that the product has been laboratory tested out to 30 years with no noticeable deterioration.

*The Aquaguard® finish includes combinations of UV protection and color pigment and this pigment like any material may be subject to minor levels of dulling over a 30-year period if exposed to direct sunlight. However, due to the highly advanced formulation and chemical blending, any dulling will be uniform in nature and can be easily refinished by applying a gel coat polish to revitalize the pool surface.

Our warranty is simply the very best you will find on any pool surface. In contrast, most manufacturers provide a very limited one year warranty or no warranty on the surface finish. Don�€™t be fooled by lifetime warranty, this is in relation to the pool structure only (and is one of the great testimonial to fiberglass pools and their ability to perform over 20 or 30 years or longer). The warranty on the pool surface is just one of the many benefits that sets Leisure Pools apart.

Why Fiberglass

Why smart buyers are turning to fiberglass - Over 60% of our sales are to homeowners who are installing a new pool for the second or third time. They have owned gunite and vinyl pools before and know all too well all of the problems. 'We just want a fiberglass pool, it makes so much sense' is a common statement we hear all the time. So why is a fiberglass pool the smart option?

Speed of Installation - Your fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from the Leisure Pools manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. In fact, you can be swimming in as little as four days. Compare that to a concrete pool that can take months to complete and during that time your backyard looks a mess!

Smooth Finish - Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gel coat finish that is non-abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compare that to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin. A fiberglass pool makes a wonderful addition to property.

Leisure Pools fiberglass pools exceed the Australian Standards for shell thickness. The high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement No wonder aero plane manufacturers are using fiberglass to build planes!

Maintenance Free - The gel coat finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks great, it's so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

Low Chemical Usage - No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with Leisure Pools fiberglass. The surface is chemically inert so there is absolutely nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool. Some of the popular misconceptions about fiberglass pools are they float out of the ground.

Great Designs - Leisure Pools prides itself on being at the cutting edge of pool design technology. All of our swimming pool shapes are new designs and reflect today�€™s thinking and architectural trends. There will be a Leisure Pools design to ideally suit your home.

The color of the water is so important and only Leisure Pools offers the exclusive Aquaguard® color finishes. We also offer the same high quality pools in traditional colors.

The Right Choice - Sometimes what we see in our minds doesn't always translate to the pool builder. With Leisure Pools, what you see is what you get. The swimming pool styles and sizes come off molds and cannot vary in any way.

Compatibility - Salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pools. Whatever your choice may be, it will be compatible.

Warranty - If you are getting other quotes, ask if a lifetime warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. At best with a concrete swimming pool you will get a 10 year warranty �€“ do you hope to have your pool last longer than 10 years? Consider also that only Leisure Pools offers a 15 year warranty on our exclusive Aquaguard® gelcoat finishes. Most other fiber- glass manufacturers can only offer a 1 year warranty or no warranty at all.

Dispelling the Myth - The most common myth surrounding fiberglass pools and propagated by competitors in Gunite pools or Vinyl Liner pools is that "Fiberglass pools pop or float out of the ground." When you are told this you should immediately ask just how a pool with 80 tons of water in it pops out of the ground.

The reality is that no more will a gunite or vinyl liner pools pop or float than will fiberglass pools. In fact any watertight object will float if there is more water under it than in it. Pools can only float when they are drained and the water under the pool exerts upward pressure because there is no water in the pool. A water recreation unit makes a wonderful addition to your landscaping.

So why would you need to drain a pool? Gunite pools need frequent draining to remove cracks, acid wash, clean stains and re-plaster the pool. Similarly, vinyl liner pools must be drained to replace liners or repair liners. Fiberglass pools carry a lifetime warranty and never need resurfacing so there is no need to drain the pool. So the end result is that many more gunite and vinyl pools float than do fiberglass; don't be fooled.

Anyone concerned with water under the pool should consult their pool dealer and have a simple drain installed so that water under the pool can be monitored and drained if necessary. There is a wide selection of solutions so there should never be any damage to any pool as a result of high water levels under the pool.

Leisure Fiberglass Gel-Coat Colors:

Color Selection: Deep blue colors in water is pleasant to the eyes and the same is true for swimming pools plus it adds a sense of style to your home. When functionality is your goal our traditionally colored pools still provides you with the same structural integrity as our premium pools at a reduced cost. Let us show you just how good your new pool can look.

First, take a journey with us as we explain our color philosophy which is entrenched in color theory. Then we will introduce you to the stunning, exclusively licensed Aquaguard® gel coat finishes that produce a shimmering and unique sparkle finish. For traditional white let us also show you how fiber optics can achieve somewhat the same goal if that is your desire.

nspired by the dazzling hues of Australia�€™s coastal waters, these colors will make your Leisure Pool the envy of all who see and swim in it; swimming in quality and style.

Color: Color theory is significantly gaining increased acceptance in the United States in pool design and presentation. This means the color of the water in a residential pool is the most immediate reaction you will have when viewing a pool. How this water color combines with the pool�€™s surrounding deck, landscaping and overall design within the back yard setting is the central element of color theory.

It is not a question of cost�€�

Many an expensive pool were built that are just plain ordinary and obviously doesn�€™t have the impact our pools have. A pool that is not necessarily expensive can have a great deal of impact by paying attention to color theory which makes for an incredibly beautiful pool that not only provides years of enjoyment, but justifies the investment made. Or put another way, you get a lot more bang for your buck. Fiberglass Pools make a wonderful addition to your decor.

If the water color is incredible, the overall impact on the decoration of your house will be stunning also. Many people mistakenly focus on shape, pumps, water features, tiles etc. While these are important, they fade into insignificance with the overall impact of water color and color theory of the residential pool.

For more details about Leisure Fiberglass Pools technology, please visit their website at: www.leisurepoolsusa.com and discover why having us install your fiberglass pool is your best decision.

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His experience in the pool industry started in Australia as a truck driver for a builder that installed Leisure Fiberglass Swimming Pools. Gradually, Philip started helping in the installation of the pools, which gained him a lot of experience. A few years later, he left his position and began his own pool builder franchise in a town located in North Queensland, Australia. During this period, he achieved many Leisure Pool awards such as "Franchise of the Year and "Outstanding Achievement."

After a few years passed, Philip expanded his franchise business to a new area of North Queensland. He continued to run both franchises together for 3 years. In 2010, he decided to relocate to America to sell & install Leisure Fiberglass Pools. He now runs the Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas areas, as well as occasionally travels out of the state for Leisure Pools, per their special request.

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